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(these are all actual questions, BTW..
I don't make this stuff up!)

Q: This is the web! Why are you doing this in black and white? Where's the color? Where's the cool animations or java stuff?

A: Well, the bottom line answer is I *like* black and white ^.^ v. I think it enhances the noir feel of the story, and quite frankly, I don't have to worry too much about how the color will look on a monitor different from mine. As for the bells and whistles.. I don't know if it would really enhance the whole reading experience. Besides. I don't have the time (see below). ^.^>;;;;

Q: What the heck takes so long between Acts?

A: Unfortunately, Angelic has to take its place in queue behind my paying work; my full time job, and my freelance assignments. Until I can figure out a way to get paid for drawing and writing this book, it's the stuff that keeps a roof over my head that has to take priority. >.< [
I also don't have a scanner at home, so I have to scan this stuff in at work on my lunch breaks. =P]

There are also some other things on the web I'm currently involved in as well, in other capacities. If you're interested in Shoujo/Shounen-ai manga (and if you're here, that's a pretty safe bet) check out the Shoujocon page!

One of my freelance gigs is available for persusal as well.. check out QueerNation (if you're over 18 and same-sex relations and wanton politcal parody are not offensive to you).. I'm one of the colorists! (the site is currently static)