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Guest Art
First off, we have two beautiful, growing galleries from Ruaki-chan and Dark Cyradis, then, a miscellaney of other great contributions.
Visit the sites of these wonderful contributors!!
(you guys are the best.. thank you!)

Guest Gallery: Ruaki-Chan Guest Gallery: Dark Cyradis
gorgeous 1000hit prezzie!      

more beautiful pics! I am so honored that you guys send me art.... thank you all so much!!!!!! :glomps for everyone:

toshi-kun::added 01/00
"Blinky" Looking very much his namesake ^__~
Poor Tosh....
The good doctor.....
extremely cool art from the talented toumajin valentine!
This stunner from my obachan, Emby!
(FIRST non-Toshi piccy!)
this wonderful Toshi piccy from tanzy-chan!
Kytten's lovely pic of Gabriel.
Sofia gets her props in this lovely, lovely picture from Rikke! Layla's amazing pic of Petey!    

Please, go support these talented artists' sites, or contact them and give them encouragement!
Thank you all!!!! *_*

yes. i know. silly. ^.^;



Miscellaneous Angelic Art

Shhh!::bonus points if you can tell me where I swiped this pose from cute pjs piccy!::yes, yes.. gabe looks like a girl here.... nap time sketch gabriel:: any one for a rendition of Bowie's "China Boy" ^.~? group autograph::one of the first color pieces done for the series
nuff said ^.~ valentines day 2000 stop!:: or "MINE!" ^.~ hi no tenshi::the original final color rendition for the costumes  
gift art to 1000th hit! promo art::went fast at AWA99 former top image and scon promo art    
fomer top image fomer top art angelic print manga cover happy holiday 99  

SERIES DRAFT SKETCHES: has a section devoted to
angelic series drafts and concept sketches! ^.^ v

If you've ever wondered how stuff goes from inside my teeny brain to here, it usually takes a series of pit stops in "snippet" art, and character design sets. But be warned. The series draft art has characters that haven't appeared here yet, and might be considered spoilers ^.~