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tempestas cooritur

the key of air: evolution stormdancer

Name: Jorge Bartolomao del Viento, "Angel", "Bart"
Age: 27
Occupation: Police Detective
Ht: 6'1" Wt: 180
Hair: Golden Blonde
Blood Type: O
Aspect: Air
Manuel and Zoe del Viento (parents), Capt. Stefan del Viento (brother, deceased)

Part of Harbour City's Vice Squad, Angel, as s/he currently prefers to be called, has had more than enough heartache, culminating in the death of an older brother in the mid-east, and Angel's own near-death, and the loss of an eye in a shootout for which s/he ultimately blames hir former partner, Toshi.

While hir appearance is the talk of speculation and gossip throughout the City's police department, Angel's bravery and dedication is beyond reproach.

Charming, sarcastic, impatient and beautiful, Angel unsettles and soothes all at once. S/he is deeply protective of those percieved to be weaker, especially children, and suffers neither fools nor villians gladly.

The younger son of one of Harbour City's wealthiest families, Angel's, then Bart's, career in Law Enforcement was frowned on by the elder del Vientos, only slightly more than elder brother Stefan's decision to leave home for the military.