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the key of water: evolution oceanic

Name: Gabriel Kai
Age: 28
Occupation: Forensic Scientist/college adjunct
professor in criminal sciences
Ht: 6'0" Wt: 175
Hair: Platinum
Blood Type: A
Aspect: Water
Family: Nicole Kai (Mother, missing), Cameron Kai (Father, deceased), Michael Kai (Brother, estranged)

One of twin sons of the suspiciously-successful Hong Kong-born businessman Cameron Kai, Gabriel grew up in a household largely devoid of affection from either his father, or his twin brother, Michael. After their parent's unpleasant divorce, the boys were ensconced in a series of exclusive private schools. While Michael made friends more easily, Gabriel often whiled away his hours reading and solving puzzle games.

Recognized early on as a genius by teachers and peers, Gabriel was accepted to King's College at 14, Then to the James-Snyder University of Medicine at 16. Shy and withdrawn throughout most of his childhood, he was more drawn to pathology and the abstract methodologies of medicine and science. Gabriel worked for a few years in the pharmeuctical industry, but it left him unfulfilled, until a series of events led him to his home city's Criminal Forensics Bureau. Solving the riddles of a crime based on the scant clues of a hair or bloodstain appealed to him on a visceral level, and Gabriel has worked for the department ever since.

Outside of work, he keeps to himself, his reticience in socializing and quiet demeanor earning him the nickname "Ghost" from his co-workers. His interests lie in strange, abstract things, old mysteries, the seemingly arcane inner workings of old and new computers, and astronomy. All things that tend to distance him from other people.

Gabriel is dedicated and methodical, and possesses a keen insight, that he doesn't always share for fear of calling undue attention to himself. At first he can seem brusque and aloof, or distracted (which he often is), but he is also extremely gentle and kind..if a bit awkards around people at times.