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the key of earth: evolution terrawolf

Name: Gwynn Winters
Age: 30
Occupation: Police Photographer/Forensics Imager

Ht: 6'0" Wt: 185
Hair: Chocolate Brown
Steel Grey
Blood Type: AB
Aspect: Earth
Family: Anne and Daniel Winters (Parents, estranged), Maria, Stefan, and Alex Rossini ("adoptive" family)

Currently employed by the Harbour City Police Department's Forensics Division as an imaging specialist,
Gwynn spent several years prior travelling the world as a photographer for major magazines such as "Look" and "Geographic Explorer". Gwynn is a peculiar combination of anal-retentive perfectionist and theatrical showboat. His often-flamboyant wardrobe and dominant personality tend to overwhelm people at first, and he uses his acerbic wit to keep them off-balance and at arm's length.

Despite his theatrical tendencies, Gwynn is undeniably one of the most conscitentious and precise imagers in the Forensics Division, catching details of a crime scene that even more experienced detectives often miss. Still, he often finds himself in a position of having to defend his position within the department, as many of the others there consider him to be a dilletante and a "poser".. only working in forensics on a whim.

Gwynn's reasons for joining the department superficially stem from recent involvement with Scotland Yard during assignment in Europe, but have darker and more complex roots.

Gwynn's compulsion to keep people at a distance makes it difficult for even those closest to him to truly understand him, and the more obsessive aspects of his personality do nothing to improve that, but his ability to think quickly on his feet and decisive nature make him a natural leader in any group.