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All characters, story, and art in Angelic:precinct 57 (Angelic) © 1999-2001 D. Gregory. Gabriel and Gwynn appear courtesy of their respective creators, K. Brinkman and S. Gardner.

Angelic is not for distribution without permission of D. Gregory, and offsite direct links to any of the web pages or image files are expressly forbidden. Viewing of this site means that you agree to this condition.

The character of Jorge Bartolomao "Call me Bart because Jorge reminds me of my uncle who smells like chorizo and cheap cigars" delViento bears a resemblence to a character from the SquareSoft game "Xenogears". This is a meant as a homage to designer Clio Saga, and a source of much amusement for the other characters. It is in no way intended to infringe upon the rights of either SquareSoft or Clio Saga.

Some of the photographic images used in the Angelic come from the superb collection of comping images at Photodisc, and are used solely as part of this personal artistic project, and are not for commercial distribution.

With the exception mentioned above, any resemblence the characters have to any persons living, dead, or fictional is purely coincidental.