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Feeding the Muse
has been inspired by a variety of different sources, a variety of different media. You can find links to different sources of these.

You can almost blame this whole affair on T.M. Revolution's album "triplejoker" (Antinos Records), the unofficial "soundtrack" of Angelic. Please, don't come crying to me if Antinos' page is unreadable because you don't have japanese fonts for your browser. (you can use a site like Shodoka Launchpad)

One thing you won't find here are MP3's of any of the songs referenced. Why? Because I'm not going to rip off someone's hard work. I certainly wouldn't want that done to me. If you have WinAmp, and enjoy making your own MP3's for your own use, you WILL find the official Angelic WinAmp skins designed by Shana. She has a whole SLEW of droolworthy bishounen skins at her site Go see!

Ok. I admit it. I'm a shounen-ai junkie. (yes. stating the obvious...) My softest spot is for, what else, shounen-ai cop stories. The greatest of these, IMHO, include "FAKE", "NY2", and my all time favorite, "K-Night". These manga are available if you happen to have a Kino or Asahiya bookstore nearby. FAKE and NY2 are also available through's cybershoppe. You have to be a member to order, but they've got some great stuff!

Angelic also owes a debt to Sophy Birnham's "A Book Of Angels" (gomen nasai, Birnham-san for screwing up your name in early version of the page!) which provided a wealth of fascinating information; "The Idiot's Guide to Angels" (I kid you not), and to the film noir ouvure "Dark City", which I got from my local library and is now hideously overdue.(okok.. it's been returned, it's been returned! my felonious book hoarding days are past!!)

Angelic is as much a project of sound as it is sight, and like I said, was mostly inspired by "triplejoker". God, I love this cd. I happened to purchase mine at, where else, Kino... but you can probably find it at Asahiya Books, or any other major japanese bookstore in your area (if you're so inclined. It really is a very good cd!)

In the event you might be interested in some of the other tracks that have been shaping this project:

One of the most profound visual impacts had to have come from Earthian. For a brief description of this amazing (albeit often confusing) anime (based on an equally wonderful manga), check out Media Blasters. (They also carry the FAKE ova! YATTA! ^.~ v)

Harbour City's "feel" for me came from repeated viewings of the Batman movies (at least the first two) and that freakish, twilight-zoney movie "Dark City".. which has nothing to do with the aforementioned book "Dark City" no matter what my husband might try and tell you. ^.~

The net is alive with stuff on angels and mysticism.. moreso than you might think. Ever wonder what the haitian vodoo goddess correspondence for kabbalstic sephira # 7 (netzach) was? I did, and I found the answer at the Clickable Tree of Life. Interactive! Yatta! For angelic info of a hugely diverse nature, you simply cannot beat Sarah's Archangels. Her wonderful site contains an incredible wealth of information.

There's a world of Net Manga and comics out there! Go check out some of the other offerings there! Two very cute shounen-ai manga that can be found on the web are Val & Laren and Tei and Rikki.. go see!

And no links about yaoi/shounen-ai manga on the web would be complete without umbrella studios/passionate kiss... they are some incredibly talented, extremely nice people. GO THERE NOW. ^.^ v BEGIN PLUG: You can purchase through Umbrella Studios "Anthology 06" which contains "Angelic:Fallen", a special, print-only backstory piece! Go! Go!! (I have work featured in "Winged Things 1" and "Weiss Schockolade" as well.) END PLUG.

I strongly urge everyone to go visit Valhalla (Ruaki-chan's page) and (Tanzy's page). They've given me just wonderful support for Angelic from the get go, I want to return the favor!

If you dig Angelic, and want to link back here, here are some new banners! Please, just copy the banner onto your own site. don't link to the one here ^^;; While you don't need to ask me if it's ok to link here, please only link to the opening page ( I'd also love to know who IS linking here, if only to reciprocate!

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