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Old Updates

08.27.01 New Pages. New fanart. Did not hear from hit 6293. If you're out there, let me know! :)

07.03.01 I'm a baka. ^.^; Apologies again!! New, beautiful fan art! Please go and support all the wonderful people who've sent in stuff, they're fantastic! I hope to see people at Shoujocon! Please write me and let me know if you're coming! :D I've had problems with the logbook, so please be patient. :)

ALSO: If you are hit 6293 (that is, 6000 in the counter window) please write me, and let me know ! (send me a screencap of the counter): I'll do a special piece of art for that visitor!

03.24.01 well, the last update didn't exactly go as planned. sorry about that everyone! :hides:

01.24.01 Holy cow. I'm so sorry it's taken so long everyone! I've been busy working with Shoujocon (go see!), writing and working on the print version of angelic that so many people have asked me for (watch this space for more information!) At any rate, 6 new pages start off Book II. Thank you all for your patience! I've also added the Precinct Logbook, so, please! sign in!

06.06.00 Been SO BUSY!! Gomen, everyone, for the delay! The good: Page 18! A gorgeous guest art piece of Sofia from Rikke! The bad: my #!@(*& counter reset while I was away on vacation. Therefore, I got a new one. The # is a guesstimate. I think it's probably about right, though. The not-so-ugly: I used some of my vaca time to plot the next 6 pages. If you've been interested in "just what the hell happened between Gwynn and Toshi".. this is it ;D

04.17.00 Page 17 is up.. 18 should be coming along shortly as I've been busy with stuff for Shoujocon! PLUS Guest art frm Kytten! Thank you!!! =D

03.16.00 New pages! No cover for Part 3 yet, but I figured story pages were more important. PLUS! Guest art from my obachan! Go see! Also, thank you thank you thank yous everyone for helping angelic clear 2K hits! AND... if you happen to bop on over to, be sure to check out the American Comiket, and angelic's first ever REVIEW!!!

02.14.00 Happy Valentines Day! :D Pages 13 & 14 up (but no cover for part 3.. an oversight on my part I'll correct!)

02.2.00 New stuff in the Artbook section! Thankyous to Tanzy for the wicked cool art! (there's also a new standalone piece in the miscellaneous section,too). Also..shockshock..updated the Links page! Page 13, the beginnging of II:3 is scanned in, patiently awaiting shading. Expect it soon!

01.13.00 Pages 11 and 12. This ends II:2. Why did this take so long? A small problem with getting art boards. wierd. Hopefully this won't happen again! Also updated some of those pesky little things called character pages!

01.04.00 See the Artbook section - Cool new art from Toumajin Valentine!

12.24.99 Sorry it took so long.. pages 9 and 10 up.. happy holidays to everyone!

11.23.99 Ok, so a day late. page 8 is up. ^.^ v

11.19.99 Act II, Part 2 upish! next page should be 11.22.99 if not sooner. see the Artbook section - beautiful 1000 hit gift from Ruaki!!!

11.3.99 Act II, Part 2 is coming soon; updated the Links page (shock!); see the Artbook section; muchas thankyous to Tanzy for being hit #1,000!!

10.12.99 Act II, Part 1 finished. Sorry for the delay!

9.2.99 ACT II pages up! Artbook added due to popular request! Includes gorgeous guest art!!

7.20.99 Mini-update: see the Links page!

7.16.99: Part 3 finished! This wraps up Act I!

7.12.99 and 7.14.99 Mini-updates: See the Character Overview Page. Due to popular demand, I've added a link banner for angelic! See Links!

6.18.99 Finished Part 2!

6.01.99 Finished Part 1, fixed some text problems, cleaned up, got a bad case of "opening night jitters".

5.26.99 The first part of Act I is almost completely up!