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ignem exitare

the key of fire: evolution firebrand

Name: Toshi Hinokaze
Age: 26
Occupation: Police Detective

Ht: 5'9" (optimistically)
Hair: Crimson Red
Eyes: Sky Blue
Blood Type: B
Aspect: Fire
Shiro Hinokaze (Father, deceased), Akiko Hinokaze (Mother, estranged), Yuri Hinokaze

Currently a detective with Harbour City's 57th Precinct, in the Helsborten Flats district, Toshi is a third generation policeman and a former motorcycle patrolman. On the job, he's brave, dedicated, thorough, and compulsively overeager.. this last having garnered him both a reputation for recklessness, and a trail of disciplinary paperwork that would stretch almost from the Piers to the Harbour City Seadogs stadium.

Off the job, his personal life is a train wreck scattered with the mangled remains of shattered relationships, familial difficulties and money woes. He recently was evicted from his shabby apartment in Old Harbour City because of complaints to the board of health about the condition of the building caused it to be condemmed.

Toshi supplements his income by sponging dinners off his friends and occasionally working as a bouncer - something he is suprisingly good at despite his small frame and cheerful demeanor. A combination of street smarts and unexpected innocence, coupled with a volatile and passionate heart, Toshi is by turns infuriating and irresistable to the people around him.

His ready smile hides an inner self pockmarked by drinking problems, one night stands and tragedy, but his natural resilience and positive nature keep him from descending completely into darkness, and often brightens up the lives of his companions.