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in spiritu sanctum

the key of Uriel: evolution angelic

Name: Peter Stone Marsh
Age: 25
Occupation: Priest

Ht: 5'11" Wt: 178
Hair: Blue-Black
Dark Blue
Blood Type: A
Aspect: Spirit
Nora Marsh (Mother) Aidan Marsh (Father, Deceased) Ryan, Evan, Stuart, and Colin Marsh (Brothers) Noel, Kathleen Marsh (Sisters)

The youngest of seven children, Pete is a Catholic priest at Saint Michael's Cathedral in Old Harbour City. His gentle, calm, and rational nature have made him popular with the parishioners, despite his more liberal attitudes than the church offically allows.

In addition to his regular duties, Pete keeps active helping local runaway shelters and rescue missions, as well as offering counseling services at some of the police precincts... mainly to keep an eye on his childhood friend, Toshi.

Although a recent uproar has put Pete on suspension with the church, it changes little in his heart. He has always felt a responsibility to help care for others, and his solid nature makes him a strong foundation for his friends.

So, while he loves kids, enjoys an occasional pick-up game of basketball at the youth center, and makes the reportedly best nachos in Harbour City, Peter has every intention of remaining a priest the rest of his days.