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& Updates


its been a long time coming. new pages coming 01/03. tripod has been periodically cutting off service saying we're exceeding bandwith. looking into moving to icestorm. also looking into opening angelic store to defray server costs if that's the case. ^.~ Why's it's been so long, you ask? Long story. Expect full update in January.


03.07.02 Site Relaunch. Redesign. Still some bugs in the system.
Let me know what you think! New story pages coming in April.

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What is this?
Angelic is an experiment in shounen-ai storytelling, wanton religious speculation, and fun things to do at the apocolypse. I'd love it if you'd stick around, but if you think this isn't for you, then now's the time to go. I won't mind. ^.^

You'll notice the site is set up with frames. These are resizable, in case you're using a 15" monitor like I have at home.

Thank you's.. dedications... and other stuff
To Nina:
I know you're looking down on this right now, shaking your head and saying "you still draw very well, honey, but ....I'm not sure angels do things like that..." I love you mom. ^.^ v

To Shana and Kristyn: Thanks for letting me have Gwynn and Gabriel and run rampant with them, and letting them develop in the story.

To Sakka-chan; Emby, my obachan; Enn; Ruaki; Seimei; Pluto , DC, and all the other talented people that I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with, and the honor of becoming friends with (you KNOW who you are ^.~): Thank you. You guys keep me wanting to do the best that I can. ^.^ v